I love Jesus- Poem about Prophet Jesus

13. September 2014 Basics, Stories 0

I love Jesus; he was an amazing man, but I do not worship him
He was among the best five Prophets to walk this earth, he was a Muslim
Just like you and I he had a beginning and was in NEED of the eternal Creator
He was need of NEED of food, water, and sleep provided by God, no one Greater (in status)
What is in NEED is weak and the weak does not deserve to be worshiped
The sound mind testifies that which is in NEED, is truly not perfect

Our Creator, the Almighty existed eternally without a beginning
Nothing else existed, He is the only one attributed with Creating
He first created water, and with that came time and place
Before that God existed eternally without needing the throne, heaven, skies or any space
The thing that changes for the worst is weak and is truly not perfect
And the thing that changes for the better was not perfect to begin with and defected
God does not change or transform therefore He still is how He eternally existed
Open your heart, and do not go against your sound mind and follow the twisted

Whatever you imagine in your mind is a creation not the Creator
Know that whatever you imagine has a beginning and our God is far Greater
God is not a human, father or a child. God is not a light, spirit, or a soul
These are all created things, and God does not resemble them at all

Without a man or a women Adam was the first human, and to whom the Angels prostrated
From Adam’s rib without needing a woman, Eve was also created
From Mary came Jesus even though she was a virgin whom a man never touched
God has the power over everything, and believing in that is a must
The virgin Mary was modest and covered her hair and body like the Muslim women do
She is the best woman to walk this earth, and like Jesus we love her too

All the Prophets were Muslims and they all worshiped one Creator
The one who has no beginning and no end and does not resemble the creation because he is far greater

Six hundred years after Jesus, God sent MuHammad to renew the call of Islam
Those who follow his teachings will be winners and gain paradise and that is the plan
Those who misguided others and took them astray
The only place they will end up is hellfire, and that is the only way
Believe before you die, because once you die that’s it
It will be too late, you had your chance but to the truth you didn’t submit

In order for one to be a believer one has to be firm and say the two testifications
or else they would be tortured in hell because they are the foundation:
“No one is God but Allaah, and MuHammad is the messenger of God.”