“Allah does not accept you because of your clothes, rather Allah rewards you according to the intentions”

09. March 2014 Advice 0


As-Sayyid Ahmad Ar-Rifaa^iyy, may Allah have mercy upon him, said:

لا أقول لكم انقطعوا عن الأسباب عن التجارة عن الصنعة، ولكن أقول انقطعوا عن الغفلة والحرام في كل ذلك. لا أقول لكم أهملوا الأهل ولا تلبسوا الثوب الحسن، ولكن أقول إياكم والاشتغال بالأهل عن) طاعة( الله، وإياكم والزهو بالثوب على الفقراء من خلق الله، وأقول لا تظهروا الزينة فوق ما يلزم بثيابكم تنكسر قلوب الفقراء، وأخاف أن يخالطكم العجب والغفلة، وأقول نقوا ثيابكم وأقول نقوا قلوبكم وطهروها فذلك أولى من تنقية الثياب، “إن الله لا ينظر إلى ثيابكم ولكن ينظر إلى قلوبكم”، اهـ

<<I do not tell you to leave out acquiring the means to get sustenance. I do not tell you to leave out trade, leave out working, rather I say: Do not let that make you fall into forgetting to prepare for the Hereafter and do not let that lead you to fall into the prohibited matters. I do not tell you do not take care of your family and do not wear a nice dress. Rather, I tell you do not make your family distract you from obeying Allah and beware of showing off when you wear a nice dress, especially around poor people who are not able to get such a dress. And I say to you do not wear fancy things more than what is needed, (something very nice which is more than what is needed) because the hearts of the poor people would break when they see that, and I fear that you would get mixed up with pride (and arrogance) and being driven away from obeying Allah. I say choose the suitable clothes to wear, and I say cleanse your hearts and purify them. This is more important than cleansing your clothes.

“Allah does not accept you because of your clothes, rather Allah rewards you according to the intentions that you have in your hearts.”>>