Jesus foretold about Prophet Muhammad’s Coming

02. September 2012 Basics 0


Prophet Muhammad challenged all the Arabs to come with one Verse similar to the smallest verse in the Quran, when the Arabs had articulated the Arabic language. If they were able, they would have done so and have saved themselves from the bloodshed.


Among the allegation and false claims made by some people about Islam is that Muhammad made the Quran!!


Prophet Muhammad (The Trustworthy, as he was named by the people of his tribe) was an unlettered human being, and Allah chose him to be the final Prophet, the Prophet that Jesus mentioned about in the true holy book that was sent onto Prophet Jesus may peace and blessings of ALLAH, his creator, be upon him.


Some people have gone extremely astray, by claiming the Jesus became God, or son of God. They have written and wrote and rewrote stories and legends about that, and that Jesus, as their God (!) was KILLED! What kind of a religion is that?


The main allegation that these people come up with, is that Prophet Muhammad made up a religion called Islam, that has become biggest and the fastest growing religion today.


The bible now is a changed book. At the time of Prophet Jesus, it was true teachings, but than it was fabricated. The last page of each Bible now is signed by a priest, who possibly could be drunk (!) while modifying it, since drinking alcohol is not prohibited by disbelievers.


Simply tell them, why would Jesus be punished for people’s sins? If your son x did a mistake would you punish y for it?? Would that be justice?? and if sins of people have been forgiven by the death of Jesus as you claim, would it make sense to you that it takes God the effort of killing “his son” as they claim to forgive sins of people he created???


And also, if the sins have been forgiven of the people, than why is it wrong for the person to kill? Or rape? Or steal?? And why is he being punished by the so called judicial system and put in jail or put to death… if his sins are forgiven?


We say all Prophets were Muslims, they believed in the oneness of Allah. And we say that Prophet Muhammad renewed the call of Islam. Allah revealed on him Al-Quran, since it’s the final holy book for the final Prophet. The Quran had common issues pertaining to beliefs in the books, such as the well known books, Towrat (Torah), Injil, and Zaboor. All books came with one religion, and one belief about Allah, the creator. All Holy books that Allah sent onto the Prophets, had the teachings to submit and worship Allah as the only God that deserves to be worshipped, this is the definition of the term, Islam. Linguistically, Islam means submission. According to Islamic terminology, Islam means a specified submission. It is the submission to what the prophet brought, to believe in Allah and in his Prophets.


The Quran itself is a fact that it’s the orders of Allah and his speech. Looking at the astonishing and rich information in the Quran, the scientific issues, or issues that told about things that will occur and they occurred prove this. 


We say, in the ancient times all the people had the same religion which is the religion of Islam. The only true religion accepted by Allah is Islam. So anyone who takes another religion, his religion is not accepted by Allah, and if he dies on that state and he had heard about Islam, and rejected it, he will be among the losers in the hereafter. In Al-Quran, Allah said in (verse Al Imran: 85) which means The one who seeks a religion other than Al-Islam; it is not accepted from him. All the prophets were Muslims.