Science In the Quran

02. September 2012 Basics 0

We will give few specific examples of science in the Quran in brief.


1. For example, in the Quran, Allah mentioned about many many scientific issues that no man would know at that era of the Prophet. Among these facts, is the origin of the human infant? In the Quran, it was mentioned the first that is formed after the spermal fluid is the bone. Then the flesh created to cover the bone. When the theory of the scientists for hundreds of years, was that the first that is formed of the infant was the flesh, then the flesh strengthened and became bone. That theory was recently falsified, when the Quran told us about it hundreds of years ago.


So it’s known the theory that has been used for hundreds of years that claimed that the first thing that is formed in the human was the bone than flesh… It’s a fact that the scientists discovered recently what the Quran told about hundreds of years ago.


How the fetus is developed and how the leech changes to an embryo and goes through the different stages and nourishes. You may refer to the verse in Quran [in Chapter al-Mu’mineen verse 14].


2. The Quran also talks about water barriers, and how it does not mix. Sweet water does not mix with salty water. This was also discovered recently in the seas and oceans.

Hence, Prophet Muhammad told more than 1400 years ago about a barrier between two bodies of flowing water and that they don’t mix. When was such information discovered and known to the People?

Such issues prove to those who want the pure truth, that the Quran is a true message from Allah, and not the word of a human or an angel; rather it’s the speech of Allah, the creator of the creations. And it’s the true book that calls to the true Religion.

Refer to scientific researches about this issue.


3. Another fact, the Prophet himself told about fire (by revelation from angel Gabriel). He said that the last state of fire is dim black when scientific theory was that the fire’s last state is red color. Scientists discovered, that fire if heated strongly, it will become dim black, that fact was discovered also recently and had falsified their previous theory, and Prophet Muhammad had told us about that about 1400 years ago in al-Quran.


4. And many issues like this that the Quran told about, which proves certainly that the Quran is a book revealed by Allah onto Prophet Muhammad, and cannot be made by human or angel.


In the year 1910, a chemist known as “Madam Cory” she proved that the atom when bisected, forms energy. This had refuted the Theories that were in effect and used for over 2000 years, by the scientists of that field.


From this, the chemists invented the atomic bomb, and proved that after the explosion of the bomb, they observed that the fire at 5000 Fahrenheit is red, and at 12500 Fahrenheit and above, it turns to white, and at one million Fahrenheit the fire turns to black.


Muhammad the Prophet, that is unlettered, the Arabian, said more than 1400 years ago that: “hellfire was fueled for one thousand years to be red, and one thousand years to become white and one thousand years to become black, and now it’s dim black”. Who would have knew and confirmed that what the Prophet said was true or even had a meaning among the scientists hundreds of years ago?! Till around the year 1910, the scientists discover and observe what Prophet Muhammad told about, and that it was true.


5. The Quran told about many issues that the science discovered today, issues on Human Embryonic Development, Mountains, the Origin of the Universe, the Cerebrum, Seas and Rivers, Deep Seas and Internal Waves, Clouds… many others.


These issues that have been thrilling the scientists, chemists, physics, and biologists who spend centuries coming up with theories about such issues, when the Quran told about it all more than 1400 years ago.


6. And there’s a lot more, such as the fact which the scientists confirmed that the fetus is preserved in the womb of his mother from getting light to him by three layers.


The mother’s womb consists of three layers. This was mentioned 1400 years ago in the Quran [Az-Zummar 39, verse 6] that [He created you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation, in three fold darkness.]


The Prophet came with this information. That the womb of a mother is made up of ‘darkness’, three layers prevents light from reaching the fetus. These layers (I believe are called in English: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm), these layers were only found by the recent well developed microscopes! Did Prophet Muhammad use such equipment to know these facts that have been discovered recently?! Certainly not, they did not exist. Not even a century ago, these matters were not known to people. Prophet Muhammad came with the Quran that told about them 1400 years ago.


Prophet Muhammad is truthful in what he said and conveyed about Allah.


7. It has been proven by biologists that the feeling of burning is restricted in the in the skin of the human, because the nerves of the sense for the feelings of the heat, and coldness end in the skin. And if the skin melts, or is removed, the human will not feel in this life the burning. Because his feelings are restricted in his skin. This is a fact.


Allah the almighty mentioned about the blasphemers and disbelievers that [when their skins melts, Allah creates (exchanges) new skins so that they feel the punishment]. And that the skin of the disbeliever is a lot thicker than in this life. This is because they disbelieved in Allah and in his messengers and blasphemed after all the bounties Allah endowed upon them.


These matters and many others, the Holy Book, al-Quran told about long time ago, were discovered recently. Today science proves that the Quran is a Holy Book sent from Allah to the people to follow. And that they must follow Prophet Muhammad who came with that book.