02. October 2012 Basics, Creed 0
  • What has a beginning is created, therefore was in need of a creator, what is in need is weak and the weak does not deserve to be worshiped.

—-So the creator does not have a beginning, is free from Need and is NOT weak.

  • Change is also an indication something is created. What changes is in need of the one who changes it. What changes for the worst is weak and what changes for the better wasn’t perfect to begin with.

—-So the creator is free from change.

  • What has a shape, color, form, image, size was in need of the one who specified it with such because as far as itself is concerned it can be bigger or smaller, it can be this shape over that shape, it can have this color over that color.

—This tells us that the creator does not have a shape, color, form, image, or size. He does not resemble anything. Had He resembled us He would have been weak to the things we are weak to. He would have had many partners. He would have been in need of the one to specify him with a specific color, size, shape, form. Whats in need is weak and the weak does not deserve to be worshiped.

  • What exists in a place is a body that has dimensions and a size.

—This tells us that the Creator exists without a place. He is not everywhere, nor in the sky or on the throne. Bodies take up space and God is not a body, rather He is the creator of bodies. He is not a thin body like the wind, souls, or light. He is not a thick body like the stones or humans. He existed without a place before He created the places and He still is how He was (without a place) because He does not change or materialize into space. (Can you imagine a time when there was no darkness and no light ? Of course not, but they did not exist until the creator created them. If you cant even imagine the creation, then dont try to imagine the creator because he does not resemble anything.)

  • Conclusion——- the Creator does not resemble anything, He is not a body, He does not have organs, He is not in a place (nor in all places), He does not father children, He is not a human like Jesus, nor a creation like the sun, moon, stars, idols, or something that people imagine has hands, feet, a face and a chin. All these are creations that resemble us, have a beginning and are in need.

That is the correct belief in the creator, the belief that agrees with the sound mind, the belief of the Muslims. The belief of Adam, Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Jesus, David, Mohammad and the rest of the Prophets.

DO NOT reject the truth, DO NOT go against your sound mind and worship something created or something imaginable.

The inhabitants of Hellfire will say which means “Had we but LISTENED or USED OUR MINDS, we would now not be among the occupants of the Blazing Fire or deserving perpetuity therein!”

☝ To become a Muslim is easy. With the intention of leaving out blasphemy one simply says while believing in the heart ☝:

” I bear witness that no one deserves to be worshiped except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah “