Among the preachings and advices of a-Shaykh Ahmad Ar-Rifaa^iyy

13. December 2013 Advice 0

Among the preachings and advices that our master, Shaykh Ahmad Ar-Rifaa^iyy gave is, what means:

Never adhere to the people who follow the worldly matters because staying close to them hardens your heart. Rather take the pious ones as your friends and companions and pay great respect to them and dedicate yourself to serving them; because serving the pious Muslims is an honor. And if one of them comes your way, stand up and ask him to make a blessed du^aa’ for you. Work hard on yourself to become one of them. The one who imitates a people will become one of them and the one who loves the good people will be assembled with them, in shaa’ Allah.

If people know about the Punishment and Reward of Allah, as the righteous ones know, then they will completely detach themselves from the luxuries of this life. And one of the signs of the righteous ones is that when they give a charity or any other giving, they give for the sake of Allah and to earn His acceptance and not for any other reason. Among the characteristics of the righteous ones is that they are not attached to the clothing or appearances of other people; because if they become attached to that, they will become mixed up and unfocused.

And also, don’t look at other people’s imperfections because if you do, then Allah may make your imperfections seen to others. And if you have something that’s not perfect, then stick to the righteous path of obedience and do not follow and satisfy your inclinations and desires; but follow piety and fear Allah and perform different kinds of obedience and adhere to the path of the Prophet, ^alayhis-salaatu was-salaam.

And if you’re ever alone, then watch out for the evil whisper and purify your thoughts from the bad thoughts and whispers. And if one of your brothers wrongs you, then grant him beautiful forgiveness and don’t expose him with that. And treat the people with purity, wise council when needed, and piety. And give great respect for the people who fear and remember Allah all the time.

If you owe someone a right or someone owes a right, then take care of them until he gives you your right or you give him. As a matter of fact, if someone owes you a right, then forgive him and Allah will reward you greatly in return. So be of good manners with the people. And you need to detach from this dunyaa and go against your self’s inclinations. And be very careful with its temptations; as those two are two big enemies of yours. And know that being blessed to the right path is only given by Allah Ta^aalaa.