The sound mind proves that Islam is the only true religion

13. December 2013 Basics, Creed, Refutation 0

 In Islam, the intellect and faith are in harmony.  The Muslim belief in the Creator is rationally consistent. Some might say just have faith, of course I have faith, but I also have a sound mind that agrees with what I believe, and I will not believe in something that contradicts the sound intellect. In order for you to know what I am talking about, I will give a brief summery in the Muslim belief in God.

We say that God is eternal, that is He (no gender intended) does not have a beginning and everything else has a beginning. Eternally He existed and nothing else existed. Meaning He existed before the directions, time, and places such as heavens, earth, throne, space. After creating these things, He did not change, transform, materialized, or became dependent on them. Because what changes is in need of one to change him thus is not God, and what becomes dependent on something is weak and the weak does not deserve to be worshiped. What changes for the worst is weak, and what changes for the better was not perfect to begin with. So we say God exists without being in a place or direction. Just as the sound mind accepts His existence without a place before the places, the sound mind accepts His existence without a place after He created the places. Objects require the space they occupy, and God is not an object.

Note: The use of the grammatically masculine pronoun is a means of speech and does not mean that God is a “male.” God is not a body and does not have an actual gender. We Refer to Him as He because he refered to Himself as Huwa in al-Qur’an.

Muslims believe that the Creator does not resemble the creation in anyway whatsoever. The sound mind Judges what is bound to happen to one is bound to happen to its similar. Had God resembled us in anyway, He would have been weak to things we are weak to, and the weak does not deserve to be worshiped. Our attributes prove that we are created. For example, we have eyes which are instruments we rely upon to see, and our sight is limited, and we can only see in the light. We have ears which are instruments we need to hear with, our hearing is limited, and we rely on sound waves and air to hear. We have a mouth and organs so we can eat food, and be able to digest them because without food we would die. We have feet which enable us to move from one place to another and hands which we need to grab things, and do things. We are born, thus is created, we get tired, sleepy, hungry, thirsty. God is clear from needing instruments, or organs and anything among his creation. He is clear from getting tired, resting, sleeping, or getting thirsty; these are all weaknesses. God is clear from needing anything.

The sound mind Judges that bodies do not create other bodies. If someone was to ask what is the proof that a car cannot create another car for example? I will give them the mental proof that the car has a shape, a form, a color, has a volume, it takes up space. As far as the car is concerned it can accept to be bigger or smaller, have this color instead of that color, and have this shape over that shape. Thus it was in need of the one to specify it with such. What is in need is weak and the weak does not deserve to be worshiped.

God is clear of having a volume, size, shape, or dimensions. God is not an object or an image.  God is not a material being; God is not a spiritual being.  Both the material beings and spiritual beings are subject to time and space. God is far greater than being depend upon what He created. God is far greater than what we may find in the recesses of our minds or in the distant galaxies of outer space. Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq, the first of the Muslim rulers after the death of Prophet Muhammad, said: “Knowing that you are incapable of imagining God is knowledge in itself.  Attempting to fathom God’s Reality is disbelief and paganism.”  Muslims do not pray to objects or images—whether those objects or images are here on earth, in our minds, or beyond this earth.  Muslims worship the Creator and only the Creator, the One Who has no needs and no similarity. We say whatever you imagine in your mind, God does not resemble it, because whatever one images is created, has a beginning, a shape and a form thus is created and not the Creator. We can’t image a time when there was no light or darkness, but they did not exist until God created them. If we can’t imagine something that is a creation, how can we imagine the Creator? We can’t.

A person fortified with such knowledge (and a particle’s weight of sincerity) would not, God willing, believe that God had to become an infant, grow up and learn about the suffering that God Himself (no gender intended) created, and then commit suicide and deicide (that is the blasphemous belief that one could murder the Creator) so that God could gain the power to forgive the people for the sins that God created… all the while claiming that God is an offspring and a father of Himself (no gender intended) and a spirit (all of which are allegedly dwelling inside of Heaven (although, God existed before Heaven, created Heaven, and exists/always has existed without being in a place). Nor will he worship the fire, cows, a statue, or a figure of ones own imagination.

All the Prophets came with the same message, the key to paradise is one, and the message of all the Prophets is one.  To tell people to worship one God who has no similar. They were among the best of men, for that God chose them; they were fit for what they came for.

For one to become Muslim is easy, one becomes a Muslim by believing in the Two Testifications of Faith and uttering them with the intention of leaving out blasphemy.

The Two Testifications of Faith are:


The first Testification means that no one or thing deserves to be worshipped except God Who is the Creator of everything.

The second Testification states that Muhammad the son of ^Abdullah who was born in Makkah approximately 1400 years ago is a messenger of God. He was sent to convey what God revealed to him so that the humans believe in and work with the Laws he received and brought. He is truthful in all what he conveyed.
The Two Testifications reject the Godhood of anyone or anything other than God. They confirm the Godhood of God (Allah) only with the acknowledgment of the message of Prophet Muhammad.

*One can say the name “Ahmad” or “Abul Qaasim” which are both names of Prophet Muhammad. If one is unable to pronounce “Muhammad” properly, then one can say “Abu Qaasim” instead.