Debate between a Mushabih and Sunworshipper

30. August 2012 Refutation 0

The Mushabih or “Bodier” (one who says Allah is a Body) says that Allah occupies the sky and with what proof will he refute the sun worshipper?

(They both worship a body!).

The Sunworshipper would say to the Mushabih: you say that the one whom I should worship is in the sky and I say to you that what I worship (the sun) is suspended in the air and its benefits are apparent. The sun benefits the wind, the plants and the humans and you worship something that you have imagined and is ‘mutahiyzz’ (fills/occupies a place).

The Sunworshipper would also say: I also worship something that is ‘mutahiyzz’ (fills/occupies a place from a space) but its existence is evident and seen, all the creations see it and see its benefit. But that which you worship we don’t see it and you yourself have not seen it and we didn’t feel its benefit. So why should we say that your religion is correct and mine is incorrect.

“So that “Mushabbih” or “Bodier” who believes that Allah is a body sitting above the throne will have no answer to the sun worshipper”.

But the Muslim who understands the intellectual proof and sayings of the scholars correctly, would say:

This sun has an appearance, a shape and boundaries. And what has boundaries requires one who specified it with those boundaries. The sun is round, hence it requires One who specified it with that shape; it is impossible for it to be God as you claim. However, my religion is the truth because my religion says that the creator of this world does not resemble the creations in anyway; He is clear from places, extremes, forms, How’s, He is clear from all the attributes of the creations. That is why my religion is correct, that is what the mind accepts. By this logical proof the Muslim would break/refute the claim of the sun worshipper. Allahu Akbar!


That’s why we, Ahlus-Sunnah, say: Allah is the most powerful and does not need anything, He is not a Body, He exists without being in a place or direction.This refutes both the Mushabbiha (those who liken Allah to the creations, as wahhabis do) and refutes the Sun worshipers.


Our mind is a proof for the validity of the religion. The one who uses his mind only without the religious text is like someone in a dark room with his eyes open. The one who uses the texts alone is like someone inside a room full of light with his eyes closed.


Wahhabis attribute to Allah a body, image, size and the sitting on the throne, just as the Jews claim, and that’s the origin of their problem.


We ask Allah to guide the wahhabis to the true belief of Ahlus-Sunnah, the Salaf and Khalaf, and Allah knows best.