Poem- Our History and Future

02. September 2012 Basics, Creed 0

Listen dear people as we relate history,

Events of the past, told as they ought to be.

Before God created and made things arranged,

He was as He is. He does not change.

The first thing He created (and He has no needs)

Is water, and from it comes all other things.

Then He made the Throne, the largest creation,

Paradise, Hellfire, Angels and Jinn.

In six days He created the Earth and the heavens,

Then animals and plants, without seeds to be planted.

On the end of the sixth day, which was a Friday,

He created the first man in such a good way.

An angel came down to take soil from the Earth.

Dark, light, soft and hard were all taken up.

This soil was mixed with the water of Paradise.

From this clay Adam was made so nice.

From Adam’s rib God made Eve,

The first woman who would conceive.

She had many children from Adam, her husband.

Their children married. More children came then.

All were believers; no human blasphemed.

But some of the humans did sins that were mean.

After Adam, two more Prophets were seen.

After the third, humans blasphemed.

They worshipped idols instead of God.

Then Noah came saying, “Don’t do this wrong!”

All the idol worshippers died in the flood.

The new humans came from Noah’s three sons.

After time again, men worshipped unrightly,

And Abraham came, whom they took lightly.

They hurt Abraham and Sarah his wife.

They rejected his message and threatened his life.

Abraham had two sons, peace be upon them,

Ishmael and Isaac, and Prophets came from them.

From Isaac came Jacob, called Israel.

Israel is a Prophet, guided so well.

From Israel came twelve male children.

Joseph and Benjamin are Prophets from him.

From the descendants of Israel came a Prophet named Moses,

Saving the children of Israel from injustice.

Moses taught the same Prophetic creed,

And received new laws his people would need.

Prophets David and Solomon ruled with the same laws,

Great laws from God that had no flaws.

Zacharias came, then John and Jesus,

Teaching the creed that greatly pleases us.

Jesus never said that he was God’s son.

He said to worship God, and God is One.

Jesus is like Abraham and Moses,

A Prophet of God, performing true worship.

He was born from dear Mary and had no father.

Jesus loved his mother and was so good to her.

After Jesus grew and became a man,

Some hateful ones made a plan to kill him.

But the man they killed was one who looked like him,

And God brought Jesus up to the heavens.

So the truth is that Jesus did not yet die.

To say he is crucified is saying a lie.

After Jesus went up, more than five hundred years passed,

Then born was the Prophet who was last.

He came from the children of Prophet Ishmael.

And he was an Arab, born on Makkan soil.

He was the one all other Prophets told of,

The seal in this great line we spoke of.

His beliefs were not new; Jesus had them,

The same beliefs as Moses and Adam.

All the Prophets taught only one Religion.

To submit to God was their blessed mission.

The name of the last Prophet is Muhammad.

The meaning of his name is “the praised one”.

When he called, the head Jew heeded his message,

And the Christian king knew he was well guided.

Both Christian and Jew became Muslim believers.

They submitted to God, the only Creator.

On the Day of Judgment they will be saved.

They accepted the truth, not lies that were made.

They knew well that God does not need to rest,

And that God has no son; they passed the great tests.

After the death of Muhammad, so many believed.

The true Religion was so well received.

It spread across Arabia, Persia and Egypt,

Across Africa and east to Indonesia.

The land of the believers was truly shining,

While the reign of the blasphemers was greatly declining.

The glitter of Persia and Rome would not last,

For the worship of false gods will ruin man fast.

No man will prosper who worships a fire.

He must submit to God and not be a liar.

After the state of Islam was well established,

Men from Europe came to the land of the Prophets.

They called it a Crusade to take the land of Jesus.

They need the belief that really saves us.

They saw an empire so fine, so inspiring.

They looked well around; they were really admiring.

They went back to Europe and started to trade.

They couldn’t forget the great Empire made.

Since Muhammad so many years have passed.

We live in a time near the days that are last.

Soon, the believers will be led by a man.

He’s called “The Guided”; his mission is grand.

He will spread justice, for now injustice is spread.

He will help many people. Keep these words that we said.

While the Guided is helping, then comes the impostor.

He is called antichrist and great evil he’ll foster.

Before the Guided leads some good ones in prayer,

Prophet Jesus will come back down through the air.

Prophet Jesus will kill that evil liar,

The impostor calling many to the fire.

The guided one and the other believers

Will gather with Jesus, who will never deceive us.

They will live in his guidance right here on this Earth.

So much we love Jesus; we know his great worth.

When Gog and Magog break down the wall,

God supports Jesus and the believers all.

With Jesus among us great peace will be spread.

This time will continue until he is dead.

After Jesus dies, then so will all the believers.

Then this Earth will be filled with ugly deceivers.

Blasphemers will roam on the Earth

When the horn that is blown, is blown at first.

All who are living, they will die,

Then the angel who blows, will be revived.

The angel will blow a second time.

Then all who lived will rise up alive.

We will be assembled on that Day,

On this same Earth that will be changed.

All the people will be of three types.

Two will be saved, but one has great fright.

The best type will be happy on that Day,

And thousands of years will pass in a good way.

The second type are those who believed,

But were careless to follow the laws received.

They will find this great Day hard to endure.

They will wish they had followed when they felt secure.

But the third type is really the worst type of all.

They rejected the Prophets; don’t they know of the fall?

For towards the end of this Day, to a bridge we will come.

It crosses Hellfire, the dreadful home of some.

Yet those Muslims who will fall into Hell

Will finally get out of that place so dreadful.

Then they will enter the blessed land

With a new body that does no bad.

We call this great land Paradise.

It is the Heaven mentioned that is so choice.

Paradise is light without needing a sun.

It is the reward for the patient believing ones.

The best humans will never fall in Hell,

But will swiftly pass to Paradise to dwell.

Strive, O listeners, listen well.

You would never enjoy a stay in Hell.

Hold on tight, dear friends, ask your Lord for the best things.

For after your death, you’ll know this was a short time.

Make your life a good part of this history.

Stand firm against evil, and blessings you’ll see.

-Students of Knowledge